Pausing for One Moment








My breath is flying… I must catch it.

The last few weeks have been incredibly rich… full of all the dramatic ups and downs that life has to offer. Tragedies, victories, eateries, friendlies, and vicious poison-ivy-s. I cannot complain about being bored… for I have forgotten what that feeling is like.

I’m tempted to drift towards mind-numbing laziness… Let’s just play one more round of Candy Crush…

But a numbing of the mind leads to a dumbing of the mind which leads to frustration. The effort it takes to be an automaton is truly exhausting. It leaves a person gasping on fumes… losing vitality, clarity, and aspiration.

What I truly need is a rest. Not just sleep, a sabbath. A rest-oration. A peace. A pause. A still. A capturing of time. A moment to shut my eyes and dream of what could be… what should be. A reflection of God’s image at work… and at rest within me.


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