BECAUSE WE ARE POCKET PROTECTORS– OUR WORLD NEEDS JESUS EVERYDAY because we are pocket protectors. We are tight-fisted, tight-minded, tight-wads. We are afraid to let loose. Even when we see others in need, we seize the grip on our wallets, our time, our appearance, our performance, and our stuff. Whatever precious item we have treasured in our pockets we seem to desperately want to keep for ourselves. To let our guard down would be to relinquish control– so we defend ourselves against others who need a helping hand. We have chosen to live as pocket-protectors.

But Jesus gives us open arms. He shares his life, kingdom, mercy, and salvation. He offers himself sacrificially, generously, even scandalously in concern for us. He reaches his hands out in an invitation to join him. We were created to treasure Jesus and, as a result, to generously treasure others. Ultimately, he asks us to be like him– radically committed to open-handedness.

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” – Matthew 6:21

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