NEXT 2016


Our team over here at Crown is getting excited about NEXT! This is our sixth version of this ministry conference (Including the Twin Cities and Omaha– See the video below for last’s year’s highlights). We try hard to make it incredibly affordable and also super high quality. Per dollar, we want this to be among the best next generation ministry training events in the world. This year, we have invited a great team of local and national ministry leaders to lead workshops for youth & children’s workers, volunteers, parents, worship leaders, and also a specialized track for high school students.


Our NEXT team this year is made up of a Grammy award winner, a nationally recognized Cross-Country coach, pastors of some of the largest youth and children’s ministries in the nation, a few nationally recognized writers and speakers, the premiere youth-group games leader in the Twin Cities, a youth ministry tech expert, an international ministry organization president, some rural church community gurus, a few nutty professors, some amazing musicians, dozens of HS and college students serving in ministry, a wide-array of sponsoring ministries and an incredible host crew providing lunch and snacks throughout the day.

project13We truly believe that God wants us to focus our efforts on equipping the next generation to lead in ministry. NEXT values making that focus very affordable for you and your leadership teams. Thank you for partnering with us! Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

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