Conversations with Elly


My 10-year old daughter and I have lots of great conversations. She has wonderful childlike wit and joy. Here are some of the best conversations with Elly:

April 24

Me: Sorry you have a nerd for a dad, Elly.
Elly: You’re not a nerd, Dad.
Me: Ah, thanks, Elly.
Elly: Nerds are smart.


April 20

Me: Elly, As you get older, don’t ever let any boys mess you up.
Elly: It’s okay, Dad. Mom already told me to be picky about boys.
Me: Oh… Was Mom picky?
Elly: Nope.


April 19

Elly: Dad, in school we are going to digest owl pellets.
Me: … Uh… Digest? Owl pellets?
Elly: Yeah, we are going to digest those things that, you know, owls eat and then cough up.
Me: … And you’re going to digest those?
Elly: Yep.
Me: … So in class, with your teacher’s blessing, you’re going to chew up some owl pellets and swallow them so that your stomach acids can break them down?
Elly: No!!! That’s gross!!
Me: that’s a relief. In that case, I think the word you want to use is ‘dissect’.
Elly: (laughing) oh yeah! Big difference!

Guileless Candor #growdown

July 1, 2016

Elly: Dad, would you get me a napkin?
Me: You know, Elly, back in the olden days, kids would serve their parents.
Elly: Dad, do these look like the olden days to you?


July 19, 2016

Another conversation with Elly:

Elly: Dad, you were the shortest daddy in our Daddy-Daughter dance class this year.
Me: Thanks for pointing that out, Elly. But at least I was the most the handsome dad out there, right?
Elly: (awkward silence)
Me: … right? Elly?
Elly: Dad, you were definitely my dad and that’s what matters. So let’s leave it at that.


August 8, 2016

More conversations with Elly:

Me: Elly, be careful… You’re climbing pretty high on those rocks.

Elly: Its okay, Dad, as long as you are below me.

Me: … Because you think I’ll catch you, right?

Elly: Nope. Because if I fall on you I won’t get hurt because you are squishy.


September 13, 2016

Another conversation with Elly:

Me: Elly, I can’t walk you to the bus this morning because I have a radio interview.

Elly: Why are they interviewing you?

Me:  About my book. (mumbled, with cereal in my mouth)

Elly: Your foot? Why are they interviewing you about your foot?

Me: (Smiling and chewing) No… not my foot… my b…

Elly: What… are they going to say, “What’s the deal with your pinky toe? Why is it so stubby?!”

Me: (Smiling and swallowing) Yeah, they’re going to ask me why my foot can’t be more like Elly’s foot– where I could grab stuff and pick things up…

Elly: “So, Mr. Castor, what exactly happened to your foot? Did a Taco Truck land on it?”

Me: Yes, that would be a funny interview.

Elly: So seriously, why do they want to talk to you about your foot?


Sidebar— Old Conversation from last year:

Me: (While experiencing a moment of unfiltered frustration about life) Argh! Elly, why was I even born?

Elly: To be my daddy.


Sidebar— Old Conversation from last year:

Elly: Dad, if everyone would just think before they did things, we wouldn’t have as many problems in the world.

Me: Elly, that was brilliant. Did that idea just come to you?

Elly: No, I thought of it a couple minutes ago.


September 17, 2016

Elly: Dad, I’m really tired.

Me: Poor girl. It’s so hard being tired.

Elly: No, Dad, it’s hard being awake.


September 19, 2016

Me: (While waiting for an ice-cream cone…) Sorry this is taking so long, Elly.

Elly: That’s it. I’m officially removing McDonald’s from the fast-food restaurant category.


December 6, 2016 (While playing Minecraft)

Me: Elly, are you building with blocks of lava? That looks really hard to do.

Elly: Well, it’s not.

Me: I think it looks difficult.

Elly: Well, Dad, you’re not entitled to your own thoughts or opinions in this case.


December 13, 2016

Elly: Dad, you should put “tickling Elly” on your bucket list.

Me: Don’t you mean on my “to do” list.

Elly: No, not your “to do” list– put it on your bucket list.

Me: But a “bucket list” is the list of things you want to do before you die.

Elly: Right. (smiling) So you shouldn’t tickle me if you want to stay alive.


UPDATE: Feb 7, 2018

ELLY: Dad, Smudge [our dog] seems really groggy. When he had his surgery today did they have to give him amnesia?

ME: Amnesia? I think you mean anesthesia.

ELLY: Is anesthesia when you forget things?

ME: No, that’s amnesia.

ELLY: Ok, so did they give Smudge amnesia? Because I think he forgot how to walk. He’s bumping into everything!

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