1st Annual Awards for Quotes of the Academic Year

Quotes of the Year 2015-16

It is now time for the Premiere Awards to be given for the greatest quotes in student papers for the 2015/2016 Academic year. In my real life, I am a ministry professor at a college percolating with inspirational students. My students usually write with strong critical thinking skills and a sense of profound articulation. However, occasionally, some other kinds of comments sneak their way into weary writing.



“In my opinion, chapter 1 is really a good start for the book.”

So true. Often is…except that there just so happened to be a Foreword in this particular book. But, to your point, yes, I too am thankful the author didn’t begin the book with… say… chapter 9.



“After finishing chapter 5, the author starts again in chapter 6.”

Wise course of action by the author indeed. The book just wouldn’t have been the same if the author had given up after the fifth chapter. And this is so much less confusing than going backwards from 5 to 4. Perhaps, if the author is superstitious, after chapter 12 he’ll skip chapter 13 and start again in chapter 14?


And the award for the greatest quote of the Academic year… and MOST “MADE ME LOL IN MY OFFICE” goes to:

“Of all the chapters I’ve read so far, chapter 2 is one of my favorites.”

Well, I have nothing to say except that I just love this one.

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