Go A Whole Day Without Talking About Yourself

#DifferenceMaker 06-01

Could this simple dare be the most difficult Difference Maker challenge of the year? June 1 under the devotional entitled “Listen Quickly”:

Go a whole day without talking about Yourself.

James 1:19 says this: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. This is wise advice in a world that can behave in just the opposite manner. While hotheaded and loose-mouthed reactions can be signs of un-careful and un-caring attitudes, the skill of listening to others shows a heart that is care-full towards others. Listening to someone shows a person they are valued, important, and worth the time. This could simply be life changing… for you and for the one who gets your undivided attention.

The devotional entry in the book, Make a Difference, takes the challenge even further. Hope you’ll be inspired.


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