Jesus-Centered Life – video

JClogo_bwRick Lawrence has put together a spectacular book that I hope you will digest– Scribble in the margins, take notes at end of chapters, ask questions, stop to pray, grow deeper and stronger in Jesus. As Rick likes to say, let this book lead you into “an orbital gravitational pull around Jesus.” — The Jesus-Centered Life

This book reminds us how dynamic life can be when it finally becomes “bored by everything but Jesus”. Through engaging illustrations and thought-provoking questions, through exploration of scripture and personal stories, The Jesus-Centered Life disrobes us of our false-attachments and clothes us in a vibrant walk with God. I’ve had the privilege to work with Rick closely on several projects– and I’m constantly disarmed by his refreshing and patiently powerful way of writing. This book invites the reader to step into a masterful conversation that authentically reflects the way Jesus works in our lives.

Here’s a video to introduce the idea…

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