If Jesus was Your Youth Pastor…

jesus-as-youthworker-20My assumption is that Jesus is the Youth Worker archetype. In other words, Jesus is the original model for how a youth worker engages in ministry with teenagers. (Side note: I believe he is the archetype for every human in any endeavor, by the way). If I’m right, if this is true, then the practice of youth ministry should be forever filtered through his blueprint.

So, to help me keep “a gravitational pull” around Jesus, as a friend of mine likes to say, I’ve developed 10 over-simplified questions to consider what Jesus would do if he was the “youth pastor” of my youth group.

The answers to my 10 simple questions spark discussions in my mind that lead to some affirming discoveries as well as some alarming conclusions. (Side note: Perhaps after considering this I would be thrilled to discover that Jesus places next-generation ministry at the top of his “to-do” list? Or perhaps I’d be worried that Jesus wouldn’t have a youth group at all? Maybe he’d go on a missions trip or maybe he would do something altogether different. Maybe he’d yell at some parents or maybe he’d cry with them. Maybe he’d over throw some tables or maybe he’d throw a great meal…  Just stretching some of my own thoughts to their conclusions here— .) These questions are not the end-alls. They’re maybe more like over-alls. They are just fabric and buckles to help hold the whole of my thoughts together so that I can more effectively ponder how Jesus would actually want me to practice ministry. The answers to these simple questions are not scripted and they are not meant to be flippant nor critical… My goal is a multi-faceted design of evaluative pockets and threads.

Hope someone finds these useful for some small group discussions with fellow youth leaders. 🙂

And I hope someone leaves some other useful filter questions as well.

Just click on the graphics below to access each question:



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