Nunc Dimittis Sermon

Here’s a sermon I gave recently at Hosanna-Shakopee to kick start their Christmas season and a new sermon series on four “songs” of Advent in the book of Luke. This may be a “Christmas” passage that isn’t as familiar to you: Simeon’s song, known throughout history as Nunc Dimittis. After checking out the sermon, listen to this beautiful version of Simeon’s song:

Jesus brings peace. Jesus is provocative. And Jesus will pierce our souls. 
Luke 2:21-35
Simeon’s song. The Nunc Dimittis. 

“Sovereign Lord, now let your servant die in peace,
    as you have promised.
I have seen your salvation,
    which you have prepared for all people.
 He is a light to reveal God to the nations,
    and he is the glory of your people Israel!

. . . . . 

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