Our deepest longing as human beings is for significance. Author and Bible scholar Ken Castor serves as an expert guide into a life of significance.
Rick Lawrence
Author, Trainer
We’re surrounded by a generation of emerging young leaders who are tired of watching, waiting for permission, and wondering when they will be called on to make a difference in this world for Jesus. Ken Castor understands their cry and provides a clear formula for daily empowerment and mobilization.
Timothy Eldred
Author, Equipper

KEN CASTOR is a next-generation pastor in the U.S. and Canada, the founder of NEXT Ministry Conferences and serves as a professor of youth ministry at Crown College in Minnesota. Ken has a doctorate focusing on passing faith and leadership through the generations. Ken has authored or co-authored numerous discipleship resources including Grow DownThe Skinny on Discipleship (co-author), the Award-winning Jesus-Centered Bible (co-editor), and Make a Difference. He lives near Minneapolis with his wife and their three kids.

Ken continues to caringly but honestly encourage and drive people to grow deeper into what it means to follow Jesus. Make a Difference is another fantastic resource for anyone who desires a daily push to learn, grow, and live out their faith in a new way.
Chris Theule-VanDam
Too often our lives become so cluttered with selfish pursuits that we miss the opportunities right in front of our eyes to help people and change the world around us. In Make a Difference, Ken Castor reminds us every day what is good and what priority we ought to set first: to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. – Joshua Becker, Wall Street Journal Best-selling author, Founder of Becoming Minimalist (becomingminimalist.com) and The Hope Effect (hopeeffect.com)
Joshua Becker
Best-Selling Author, Founder of The Hope Effect


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  2. I just purchase your book Make a Difference. I started reading it this morning(1/1/17). I have been praying for a long time to have a closer relationship with the Lord. And I have found that reading the Bible, going to church, listening to God’s word on the radio and other devises and reading daily devotion and receiving daily devotions via emails has been a blessing. As I get closer to the Lord, I desire to do His will and to serve Him and help others. So, I am looking forward to reading your book Making a Difference daily. Prayerfully I’ll discover more ways to make a difference in someone’s life and Honor, Praise and Glorify the Lord in all that I do.
    Looking forward to spending my mornings with you, through your books.

    Frances Davis

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  6. Hi, I was wondering if you have a recommendation of a video series for HS youth to watch and study. At this time our church doesn’t have a Youth Pastor and we want the youth to dive into Gods Word. It’s seems all I have found is a watered down gospel that teaches little scripture and more fun and fuzzy feel good lessons. Thank you for anything you can suggest.

    1. Hey – great question. There are some great resources out there. Right now media (http://www.rightnowmedia.org/) has some great content. I always recommend Alpha (http://www.alphayouthfilmseries.com/). LIVE curriculum has solid weekly Jesus-Centered content (http://live.simplyyouthministry.com/). And more (like Tim Keller & Redeemer Church, or Francis Chan’s Multiply series)… Hope that gives a great head start. I bet there are others I’m not thinking of right now.

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