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Strong & Courageous: 365 Daily Devotions for Fathers

I’m excited to announce a new book… in time for Father’s Day!  Strong & Courageous: 365 Daily Devotions for Fathers. Ten good friends helped me create and compile this leather bound resource. Each of them is a talented writer and good pastor: Cesar Castillejos, Chris Folkestad, Bryan Halferty, Steven McCready, John Mulholland, Phil Petersen, Tony Roos, Luke […]

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Make An Allowance

Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. Colossians 3:13 NLT We think of an allowance as a sum of money that a parent might give to their kids each week. But in his letter to the Colossians, Paul’s idea of […]

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Cubs Win Cubs Win

  My first Cubs game was at Wrigley on May 17, 1979. I was just a kid. My dad brought me. It was an absolutely crazy game. One of the craziest major league games in history. Absolute slugfest. After the war-zone cleared, in extra innings, the score was 23-22. The Cubs lost. And I began […]

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SYMC 2016 – Chicago

  Getting excited about joining youth workers this weekend in Chicago for SYMC (Simply Youth Ministry Conference). I’ll be leading a 4-hour “half-track” on Grow Down on Saturday, getting inspired by peers, and working with Tony Myles and Heather Dixon on a discussion panel called “Handling Tough Topics With Teenagers and Parents.” It’s a pretty […]

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Conversations with Elly

My 10-year old daughter and I have lots of great conversations. She has wonderful childlike wit and joy. Here are some of the best conversations with Elly: April 24 Me: Sorry you have a nerd for a dad, Elly. Elly: You’re not a nerd, Dad. Me: Ah, thanks, Elly. Elly: Nerds are smart.   April 20 […]

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Backyard IceFort

Winter in Minnesota can be tough. You could retreat for 5 months and cower in misery… or you could BUILD A WICKED COOL ICE-FORT! That’s what Ben and I decided to do. So a couple of years ago (Yes, over 730 days before today!!), we started saving up milk cartons. [The idea gripped us when […]

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17? Seriously? That was fast! #growdown

It seems like just yesterday that my oldest son was learning how to walk. But, actually, that was during the last millennium. Back in our Vancouver duplex in 1999, a cute little adorable Zach was practicing his first steps. So, in honor of his 17th birthday, here is a video from Sesame Park (Canada’s Sesame Street) of […]

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A Loud-Time with God

The barrage of questions launched by my two youngest kids was driving me crazy this morning. I had opened my Bible, like some ultra-holy dude, to have a quiet time with God, but these two hooligans wanted a loud time with me. At first I was frustrated and wanted to scrooge them away. But in the midst of […]

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Ode to Zachary!

Happy Birthday to my 5,844 day-old child (… don’t forget the 4 leap years if you try to do the math). So in honor of his great achievement of life, I thought I’d write him an embarrassing epic poem: Learn More

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Fear & Elation

“You can stay for a bit if you want, Dad… but I’m going to go over there and do the zip line… and Mom probably wants you to get back home.” These are the words my 12-year-old son spoke to me while I was dropping him off at Big Sandy Camp yesterday. This is his […]

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