How to Stay Married for 70 years

*Last weekend my Mom’s family celebrated the 70th Anniversary of my grandparents. Throughout the weekend, I wanted to develop a summary of how it could be possible to be married for 7 decades. In other words, what does it take to stay married for 70 years? So I asked my grandparents, …

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wilbur sargunaraj wants a love marriage

I've recently become good friends with Wilbur Sargunaraj.  He's an incredible Tamil talent who makes the common extraordinary.  He led us in an after-Hub party in the Fall 2009.  His music is beginning to take YouTube by storm… and he was recently featured by Roger Ebert on Twitter and also …

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the wedding dance

What a great start to a wedding!  May the Lord let them keep the dance throughout their lives together:

sex and samson

We had a crazy time talking about sex and Samson at hub last night.  Good solid night.  I really appreciate the rawness and realness of the hub gathering… we can be deep and have laughter and be challenged and trust God all in the same evening.  Especially last night.  I …

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crowded marraige

The crowd had stopped them from getting it.  There was no way the paralyzed man and his friends were going to get through any door into the house to see Jesus.  It was just too crowded. This is when a lot of people would assess the situation and think- "Oh, …

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