Fostering the Good Fight

… continued from PART 1: Festering the Argumentative Spirit …   One of my kids declared once that they wanted to be a famous movie star. I said, “Okay, how could you make that happen.” Their response was, ”Well, maybe I could do something funny, get discovered, and then they’d …

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NEXT 2018 highlight video

NEXT on March 3 at Crown College was great! So thankful for the many people who traveled to be with us (even some from Maryland and Montana and Idaho!) and thankful to be a part of the equipping work of God for next-generation ministry! So inspired by our Crown students …

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Unicorns? In the Bible?

A few weeks ago, a high school student told me there were unicorns in the Bible. I bet him $50 that he was wrong. I lost the bet.

Hub Network – Romans

No where is the real life drama and community of Christianity revealed like it is in the letter of Romans. Unfortunately, many people miss it. This New Testament book is so power packed full of memorable verses that it can be easy to find inspiration or challenge by just revisiting old …

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