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Grow Down Video – Whiteboard Drawing

Here is a 1260 second long video (21 minutes) of the Grow Down drawing. šŸ™‚ This “instructional” video is being used in someĀ college and youth ministry training programs. This is also the lonely version of what I usually like to do with a crowd of others. I love the interactivity created by inviting others to […]

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SYMC 2016 – Chicago

  Getting excited about joining youth workers this weekend in Chicago for SYMC (Simply Youth Ministry Conference). I’ll be leading a 4-hour “half-track” on Grow Down on Saturday, getting inspired by peers, and working with Tony Myles and Heather Dixon on a discussion panel called “Handling Tough Topics With Teenagers and Parents.” It’s a pretty […]

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Timelapse of Grow Down Drawing

Worked on a 30 second timelapse video of my GROW DOWN drawing. This has often been called the “tree diagram”… but that sounds way to boring. Each component of this drawing has profound meaning– even if my artwork is not fantastic– from the winds of life to the knot on the trunk to the fresh […]

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Backyard IceFort

Winter in Minnesota can be tough. You could retreat for 5 months and cower in misery… or you could BUILD A WICKED COOL ICE-FORT! That’s what Ben and I decided to do. So a couple of years ago (Yes, over 730 days before today!!), we started saving up milk cartons. [The idea gripped us when […]

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Latest Grow Down drawing #growdown

This morning I drew “grow down” on a whiteboard for my Spiritual & Leadership Development students… and I learned something. I learned that even though my brain and hands haveĀ diagramedĀ “grow down” hundredsĀ of times in dozens of locations, on paper or whiteboard or napkins (which is also paper I suppose) or dirt with sticks or chalkboard […]

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Surrender to Jesus

There comes a point where IĀ recognize defeat. MyĀ constant pursuit of flailing-failings teaches me, if I amĀ wise that is, to give up the race of independence from God and give in to the utter reliance IĀ have upon his mercy and grace. The crescendoĀ of crisis in my sapped soul propels meĀ to a completeĀ surrender to Christ. Even if […]

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Child vs Adult

How can growing up actually lead you further away from God? Look quickly at the following verses and put a check under the one who follows God more naturally: SCRIPTURE CHILD ADULT Psalm 131:1-2 Proverbs 1:8-19 Matthew 11:25 John 1:12-13 Galatians 4:6-7 Ephesians 5:1-2 Philippians 2:15 Hebrews 12:7 1 Peter 1:14 1 John 5:1-5 * […]

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Rooted in Permanent Relationship with Jesus

Found a startling connection to Grow Down this morning while re-reading Henri Nouwen’s book, In The Name of Jesus. I’ve read Nouwen’s book dozens of times… even used quotes from this book frequently in my “grow down” writings and workshops… and still somehow skimmed over this quote: “Christian leaders cannot simply be persons who have […]

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Encouraging Elly to Encourage Others…

I brought the coins home in the jars and showed them to Elly. She took a deep excited breath when she saw the jars and then looked at me for an explanation. I told her what the Crown students had done. Smiling and humble, with deep hope, she asked, “And we can give ALL this away!?” I answered, “Absolutely. The only thing we need is for you to decide who is going to receive it.” <a href="

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Count Olaf is too grown up

“Violet tried to picture Count Olaf as a youngster, but couldn’t. His shiny eyes, bony hands, and shadowy smile all seemed to be things only adults possess.” While reading through Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events with my son, Ben, we ran across this phrase. Why do you think Violet thought only adults have […]

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