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NEXT – Omaha 2016

NEXT is an innovative 1-day training experience for those who want to equip next-generation followers of Jesus. This year our special guest is Rick Lawrence, editor of the Jesus-Centered Bible and author of The Jesus-Centered Life and Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry. [We think there’s a theme here!] We’ll also learn from next-generation ministry influencers like Ken Castor, Christy Currie, Brandon Early, Rob Johnson, […]

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Martin Luther King Jr was countercultural

*The following devotional will appear in my new book, Make a Difference: 365 World-Changing Devotions (2016). In the face of hostility, Martin Luther King upheld mercy. He had every right to retaliate against those who hurled threats, insults, and physical harm. Yet he chose a different path, one that changed the trajectory of a powerful nation, […]

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Perspective on the Presidency

Last night, as I reflected on this President’s eighth and last State of the Union address, I couldn’t help but think that even humanity’s greatest rooms, greatest orators, greatest military powers, and greatest economies appear so trivial against the backdrop of eternity. It could be argued that the President of the United States is the most […]

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Open Letter to Millennials

The mess of current events encourages paranoia. So you might have noticed the repetitious alarms of despairing things being said about the world you must now live in. But I want to offer another perspective, a commissioning, directly to those of you who are in your teenage or young adult years: Don’t let anyone look down on what you […]

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Seeking Insignificance

In a marvelous moment of awe, one of my students said it best: “Jesus made himself so insignificant.” The comment came during a discussion about humanity’s constant anxiety about self-worth. As humans we seem to have a need to know that we are important… that we have significance. It’s as if we know we should be […]

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