Hub Network – 1 Corinthians

There can be friction even in the best networks. Not all coverage is reliable. The greatest connections can become restricted. Paul understood this when he wrote to Christians in the significant city of Corinth. They were a growing and influential network. Their system was integrated with some of the most influential and inspiring early Christians. Yet …

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Hub Network – Philippians

The New Testament letter that most exudes encouragement is Philippians. Paul is encouraged. Timothy is encouraged. The people with them are encouraged. The Christians in the city of Philippi have been putting courage into Paul and his team consistently for quite some time… and for that Paul is extremely grateful: Every time I think of …

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Hub Network – Philemon

True Christian ministry challenges people to be better humans. The bar is set pretty high… but it is ripe with forgiveness, restoration, and new starts. The goal is to encourage people from different backgrounds to work in concert to share God’s life-changing presence with the world. It’s not expected that Christians will be perfect or, more practically, pretend to …

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