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Hub Network – 1 Corinthians

There can be friction even in the best networks. Not all coverage is reliable. The greatest connections can become restricted. Paul understood this when he wrote to Christians in the significant city of Corinth. They were a growing and influential network. Their system was integrated with some of the most influential and inspiring early Christians. Yet […]

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Hub Network – Philemon

True Christian ministry challenges people to be better humans. The bar is set pretty high… but it is ripe with forgiveness, restoration, and new starts. The goal is to encourage people from different backgrounds to work in concert to share God’s life-changing presence with the world. It’s not expected that Christians will be perfect or, more practically, pretend to […]

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Ministry photos from the last week

Another Romans 16 extravaganza in my youth & family ministry class (09/30/13). This is my favorite way to depict the partnership and network of ministry. Passing faith on to others requires that we co-work. Another Youth Group extravaganza (09/25/13). What an honor it was to join multiple youth groups as they gathered at Riverside Alliance […]

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The Pursuit of Youth Ministry

This graphic is basically the outline for my "Introduction to Youth and Family Ministry" course at Crown College this fall.  It's a work in progress (and the 50+ students who took the course last year have helped me improve it a bit for this year)… and I'm fairly happy with this current diagram.  What do […]

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Project 32 + God is Good

I'm taking a wee pause in the Romans study (although, this could be a bit of a precursor for chapter 16) in order to participate in a meaningful project with Youth for Christ in Ireland and Northern Ireland (YFC-NI).  One of the most treasured aspects of this trip for me will be the convergence of […]

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Romans 1:9-12 ~ witness

Friends scattered around the globe, I miss you!  To my partners in faith and sources of encouragement in Canada, the US, Northern Ireland, England, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, SE Asia, India, Mexico, Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Scotland, Brazil, Kenya, and elsewhere… this morning I echo these words, […]

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wilbur sargunaraj wants a love marriage

I've recently become good friends with Wilbur Sargunaraj.  He's an incredible Tamil talent who makes the common extraordinary.  He led us in an after-Hub party in the Fall 2009.  His music is beginning to take YouTube by storm… and he was recently featured by Roger Ebert on Twitter and also in the Wall Street Journal.  […]

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