ken castor

KEN CASTOR is a next-generation pastor in the U.S. and Canada, the founder of NEXT Ministry Conferences and serves as the Professor of Youth Ministry at Crown College in Minnesota. He has a doctorate focused on passing faith and leadership through the generations. Ken has authored or co-authored numerous discipleship resources including Grow DownThe Skinny on Discipleship (co-author), the Award-winning Jesus-Centered Bible (co-editor), and Make a Difference. He lives near Minneapolis with his wife and their hilarious kids.

We’re surrounded by a generation of emerging young leaders who are tired of watching, waiting for permission, and wondering when they will be called on to make a difference in this world for Jesus. Ken Castor understands their cry and provides a clear formula for daily empowerment and mobilization.
Our deepest longing as human beings is for significance. Author and Bible scholar Ken Castor serves as an expert guide into a life of significance.
Rick Lawrence
Author of Spiritual Grit and Editor of The Jesus Centered Bible

Event Schedule

8.24 YMLT, Denver, CO

8.26 Crown College Fall Semester Begins

9.6 YMLT, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

10.5 YMLT, Riverside Church, Big Lake, MN

10.19-21 AYME, Minneapolis, MN 

10.26 NEXT Ministry Conference, Toledo, OH

11.2 NEXT Ministry Conference, Lancaster, PA

11.10 River Rock Alliance Church, Belle Plaine, MN

11.13 Crown College Chapel 

12.2-12 Israel Collective

1.4 Ministry Recharge St.Paul, MN

1.11 Parenting Conference, Westwood Church, Chanhassen, MN

1.15 Crown College Spring Semester Begins

1.22 Wooddale HS, Eden Prairie, MN

1.24 Avalanche HS Retreat, Big Sandy Camp, MN

1.29 Wooddale HS, Eden Prairie, MN

2.14-16 White Out Retreat, Beulah Beach, OH

2.17-18 C&MA Youth Retreat, Tampa Bay, FL

2.21-22 NEXT Ministry Conference, Orlando, FL

2.29 NEXT Ministry Conference, Princeton, NJ

3.7 NEXT Ministry Conference, Crown College, MN

3.13-14 Ignite Student Conference, Des Moines, IA

3.21 NEXT Ministry Conference, Columbia, SC

4.3-4 Ignite Student Conference, Chicago, IL

TBD Metro Retreat, Lake Champion YL Camp, NY

7.7-11 Bible Quizzing, Crown College, MN