Our deepest longing as human beings is for significance. Author and Bible scholar Ken Castor serves as an expert guide into a life of significance.
Rick Lawrence
Author, Trainer
We’re surrounded by a generation of emerging young leaders who are tired of watching, waiting for permission, and wondering when they will be called on to make a difference in this world for Jesus. Ken Castor understands their cry and provides a clear formula for daily empowerment and mobilization.
Timothy Eldred
Author, Equipper
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I've authored, co-authored, or helped produce the following resources:

  • Grow Down
  • Stepping Under: Getting Out of the Way so Students Can Lead
  • Engaging Post-PostModern Culture
  • Generation Z and Alpha
  • The Everyday Faith of Jesus
  • Faith Development of Youth
  • How to Lead a Better Small Group
  • Helping Students Learn How to Pray
  • Hub Networking For Ministry
  • 7 Rules for a Good Fight
  • Keeping Fresh While Draining Out
  • Caesar Vs Jesus: The Nature of True Leadership
  • Disrobing Contemporary Leadership
  • Camouflaging Our Condition
  • Exposure of Our Heart
  • Fear of Pain
  • Leading by Being Led by Jesus
  • The Generational Empowerment of Faith & Leadership