Next Generation Ministry Programs at Crown

We have four next-generation degree programs at Crown College. Here’s a quick glimpse at why I’m excited to get back to another Fall semester!

Grow Down Video – Whiteboard Drawing

Here is a 1260 second long video (21 minutes) of the Grow Down drawing. ūüôā This “instructional” video is being used in some¬†college and youth ministry training programs. This is also the lonely version of what I usually like to do with a crowd of others. I love the interactivity created by inviting others to jump up and draw with me in seminars.My first real drawing of this was on a napkin at a Starbucks with a good friend years ago. It was a life-changing moment for both of us. Since then, I’ve been blessed to draw this dozens of times with¬†thousands of people of the last few years, for groups of 5, 50 or 500. Such an honor.

Here’s a link to the book: Amazon

And a link to my Grow Down book page: Grow Down

And a link to a 30 second time-lapse video (which is 1230 seconds shorter than the other one!): 30-second time-lapse video

Sadie wants her brother to Grow Down

Sadie’s video has gone viral bananas over the last week. 22+million views in seven days. Her concern about her little brother growing up is justified. I think she must have read my book!

The Love of Christ Orphanage – video

800 babies have come through these doors. One of those is our own Benjamin. Another of those is my nephew Toby. We love TLC and the Jarvis family for all they have done. Please take a moment to appreciate and support The Love of Christ orphanage in South Africa.

** 11:00am Update: With sad hearts, we also mourn with her over the loss of her son, Kieren, yesterday. His heart was not physically strong, but it was beautiful and powerful in God’s eyes. We enjoyed Kieren’s visit to our home when we lived on Vancouver Island– what a special time. Today, we pray especially for you, Maga Thea, without whom we would not have our son, Benjamin. We will always be ever so thankful for your relentless dedication on behalf of “the least of these”. With love to you, Thea…

Bluetree – Jesus Healer

Can’t believe I never saw this video until a few days ago… [Bluetree]’s¬†Jesus Healer.¬†Among the good Northern Ireland folks in this video are two of our dear friends from YFC-NI¬†who travel and play with Bluetree now and then. When I think of the way that God uses people around the world to represent His Name… I can’t seem to express my heart enough. Thank you, Pete and Davy, for your passion and perseverance in serving God through worship and especially through next generation work with YFC. Your humility is soul-stretchingly-inspirational.¬†