ken castor

After thirty years of next-generation ministry, Dr. Ken is balding in his hairline but still bold in his faith. He takes that zestful irony to the classroom at Crown College in Minnesota, where he serves as the Professor of Youth Ministry and the Director of Ministry Partnership. Ken is the “Blue Letters Editor” of the Award-winning Jesus-Centered Bible, and has authored numerous discipleship resources like Grow Down and Make a Difference. You probably would want to know that he is also a nerdy Cubs fan, the founder of NEXT Ministry Conferenceshas several Chuck-Taylors, is married to the brilliant Kathy, and is called “dad” by three of the most interesting people on the planet.


How can the next generation stand in this stormy world?

Strong even through the winds.
Where knots become beauty marks…
And life overflows.
Our deepest longing as human beings is for significance. Author and Bible scholar Ken Castor serves as an expert guide into a life of significance.
Rick Lawrence
Author of Spiritual Grit, General Editor of The Jesus-Centered Bible
We’re surrounded by a generation of emerging young leaders who are tired of watching, waiting for permission, and wondering when they will be called on to make a difference in this world for Jesus. Ken Castor understands their cry and provides a clear formula for daily empowerment and mobilization.
Timothy Eldred
Author of Alone Sucks, Executive Director of Waves
Ken continues to caringly but honestly encourage and drive people to grow deeper into what it means to follow Jesus. 
Chris Theule-VanDam
Western Great Lakes Regional Director, Young Life


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Event Schedule:

10.3.20 Parent Seminar, Alliance Church of the Valley, St. Croix Falls, WI

10.17.20 NEXT-SoCal

10.24.20 JSAW Rail Jam

10.29.20 FREE LIVE Webinar with David Kinnaman (REGISTER)

11.4.20 Youth Group, Alliance Church of the Valley, St. Croix Falls, WI

11.7.20 NEXT-EasternPA (virtual)

11.18.20 Chapel, Crown College

1.9.21 Pending

1.22-24.21 Pending

2.20.21 NEXT-SWFlorida

2.27.21 NEXT-Metro

3.6.21 NEXT-TwinCities

3.12-13.21 Ignite-Youth, Des Moines, IA

4.9-10.21 Ignite-Youth, Chicago, IL

4.17.21 NEXT-Dayton

4.18.21 Parent Seminar, Fairhaven Church, Dayton, OH

8.6-7.21 Hmong NextGen Retreat, Spencer Lake CC

9.3-5.21 Lake Beauty Family Cam