A nuclear bomb of a book!

Such a little nuclear bomb of a book—it’s a must-read… https://t.co/q6WqF2I2p9 — Rick Lawrence (@RickSkip) January 25, 2019 Ha! Thanks Rick! Grow Down turns 5 soon. I’m so thankful for those who helped support this project. And I’m glad to see it’s still encouraging people to root themselves into Jesus, …

Strong & Courageous: 365 Daily Devotions for Fathers

I’m excited to announce a new book… in time for Father’s Day!  Strong & Courageous: 365 Daily Devotions for Fathers. Ten good friends helped me create and compile this leather bound resource. Each of them is a talented writer and good pastor: Cesar Castillejos, Chris Folkestad, Bryan Halferty, Steven McCready, John Mulholland, …

Stand with Awe-inspiring Confidence

God wants you to stand with awe-inspiring confidence– to learn how precious you are in his sight– to declare with life changing assurance that God loves you.  

Jesus-Centered Life – video

Rick Lawrence has put together a spectacular book that I hope you will digest– Scribble in the margins, take notes at end of chapters, ask questions, stop to pray, grow deeper and stronger in Jesus. As Rick likes to say, let this book lead you into “an orbital gravitational pull …

Endorsements for Make a Difference

So honored that these everyday world-changers had some great things to say about my new book, Make a Difference: